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Scope Definition

Editing and/or Proofreading

Finishing Touches

Step 01

Scheduling a Call

Step 02

Project Definition

During the call, we will ask about the scope of the project (blog post, PhD thesis, etc.). We will ask about the time frame in which you need the project completed. Finally, we will coordinate with our team of editors and proofreaders to complete the project.

Size and Scope of Project

Time Frame


Step 03


The behind the scenes work that our editors and proofreaders complete. They read your material and provide comments and corrections as needed.



Step 04

Finishing Touches

After we return your edited work, you will have to go through it and accept or reject the comments that the editors have created. The reason we do not automatically assume all of our comments are correct is that they are not always. For example, we can edit the following sentence “The wind whimpered outside” to “The wind whispered outside”, but maybe that is not what the author intended. Instead, we will leave a comment for you to accept or reject.

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