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From the shortest blog posts to PhD theses, our editors and proofreaders can help improve the clarity and readability of your writing.

Editing a Variety of Texts


Where We Can Help:

PhD/Masters Theses

International Student

 Business  Owner 


Why Work with an Editor?

Help with clarity

Having a qualified editor read your work and provide comments is an excellent tool for improving the quality of your writing.

Help with flow

An editor can help catch areas of the text that do not flow from one section to another. This helps the readers remain interested.

Help fix core problems

Such as sentence structure, clarity of writing, and general flow of ideas.

Make suggestions about section arrangement

Sometimes, a section would work better within a different part of the text for better readability. 

Why Work with a Proofreader?

Help catch misspellings

Sometimes, it can be difficult to catch mistakes in your own writings.

Catch grammatical errors

Often, people are unaware  of a lot of grammatical rules. Your proofreader will be able to catch these mistakes.

Catch obvious mistakes

For example that Nova Scotia is on Canada’s West Coast.

About Us

Ariadne Editing was created out of a desire to help people realize the full potential of their writing. Often, mistakes or clarity issues lead people to think that the text has less value than it actually does, so they ignore it.  

Writing isn’t that simple, and we believe that with just a little editing or proofreading, the text can be shown in its best …


“[They] helped get my writing to the next level ... fixing mistakes I couldn't catch...”

Robert Smith - Student

"The editors at Ariadne Editing helped me achieve the best possible writing... Thank you so much!"

J. - Business Owner

"Thank you for your comments and questions. They really helped improve my writing and get it to the level I wanted."

Peter R. - PhD. Student

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