About Us

Ariadne Editing was created out of a desire to help people realize the full potential of their writing. Often, mistakes or clarity issues lead people to think that the text has less value than it actually does, so they ignore it.  Writing isn’t that simple, and we believe that with just a little editing or proofreading, the text can be shown in its best light.

Our editors are specialists within their selected fields. This means they have an understanding of the subject matter and can even help with very niche writing. 


Behind Our Name

Our name, Ariadne Editing,  derives from a character in the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur (a half-bull, half-human creature). Briefly, the hero, Theseus, volunteers to be sent to the Minotaur’s lair, an underground labyrinth, to end the city’s ritual sacrifices. Ariadne, the princess of Crete, falls in love with Theseus and gives him a sword and a ball of thread to help him on his quest. By tying the end of the thread to the start of the maze, Theseus, after defeating the monster, was able to find his way out again. 

Similar to Ariadne, our editors and proofreaders help the writer untangle their ideas and help them find the way to their best writing.